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    Miller Road was founded in 2013 by Treena Nixon who is a self proclaimed fragrance queen and has been for as long as she can remember. Miller was her maiden name and is a tribute to my family circle, where my love of fragrance began, and is in the heart of it all. Early inspiration came from my family’s deep connection with fragrance. From my nana’s orchard to my mum’s gorgeous fragrant garden, and memories of spraying Opium perfume when I was a teenager, through to vintage Chanel No 5 that my father gave to my mother when I was a young and she has since passed it on to me!

    Having studied perfumery for eight years with an industry expert in the U.K. and has also studied professional perfumery and achieved  certification from The Grasse Institute of Perfumery in Grasse.

    Drawing inspiration from many well known names such as Jo Malone, Miller Road was born out of a desire to compliment Treena's two passions, fragrance and interior design, whilst creating beautifully scented candles that bring a touch of daily luxury for others to enjoy in their homes. 





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