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    Dark Hampton

    Dark Hampton

    It's a power of three; personality, colour and style that defines Dark Hampton scarves. 

    The power of three also aptly describes the creators of the company Amie, Kate and Amanda. Three close friends who had a desire to create a business that truly reflected each of their own professional capabilities, personalities and interests. Plus these girls wanted to have fun and work for themselves. It's impossible not to be in the same room with them and not get caught up in their infectious humour and belly laughs. It hardly looks like work!

    Dark Hampton cashmere and modal scarves are designed to feel beautifully soft and light. A little piece of luxury you can enjoy every time you wear it. Each scarf is inspired by a close friend of the girls and the personality and style of that friend is weaved into the colour and design. The finished scarf is then presented as a gift to its namesake. For example, 'The Steetskamp’ features contrasting colours of pink and orange with a touch of green thrown in…and it works. It's colourful, bright, bold and fun just like the two friends who inspired it.

    Which brings us to another aspect of Dark Hampton, the love of gift giving! Giving a scarf is like giving a friend a warm hug and a reminder of your friendship each time they wear it. Inspired by their unique friends, you are sure to find one that suits yours.

    So whether you’re looking for a scarf to complete an outfit, freshen up your existing wardrobe, provide a bit of warmth or gift to a friend, Dark Hampton has something for you. 

    Three reasons for choosing a Dark Hampton scarf; a gift, a little indulgence or a wardrobe essential, whether you love the style colour or personality of our scarves the girls at Dark Hampton trust you or your recipient will love it as much as they enjoyed creating it.